About Gabi & Gaby

Gabi Maksimov the woman behind the brand Gabi & Gaby

Hello, it's me- Gabi. Nice to meet you!

Welcome to my happy colourful world.

I started my business, Gabi & Gaby, alongside my full-time job in 2020. I've always been a designer and a creative, with a degree in Interior Design, years of experience as Graphic Designer and Product Designer I channel my love for colours, patterns and illustrations through fun and playful art.

I hear you wondering, why Gabi & Gaby? And who is that second Gaby? Does she have a doppelgänger or a twin?

I'm afraid not, it's just me, doing all the work. Designer, illustrator, customer service, packing and fulfilment... you name it.
While I have many passions they all revolve around the worlds of design and illustration. It's just that some days I wish I had another one of me to help out while I still work full-time, working on my dream for this business to be my only job.

Interested in my work?

License my artwork
My artwork is available for licensing. I currently license with a few brands and I am always interested in building new licensing relationships and expanding my partnerships.

Do you want to be a stockist of Gabi & Gaby? If you'd like a copy of my most recent catalogue, please feel free to email me at hello@gabiandgaby.com.

Alternatively, you can shop wholesale directly through my shop on Faire here.

Commission custom work
Are you interested in a custom design or illustration? I can work with you to create something special for your brand or company.